My Journey Towards an Ideal

Nice story


I started my journey in coffee working at a little shop in Chico. At the time this shop was known for being extremely hip, having the “best” coffee, and having a crazy owner. I remember going to my interview and being asked the most insane questions. Questions about religion, drugs, what I would give up to work in this shop, inappropriate sexual questions, etc. It was nuts. But it was THE SHOP WITH THE BEST COFFEE. When you are very young, impressionable, naive, need a job, and are not informed you don’t look at it like one would today.

This guy was tall, ex-navy, smoked the whole interview, white tee, tats and clearly didn’t give a shit about anything except himself and his business. And I, along with many people, wanted to gain this dick’s approval.

My new boss used intimidation, manipulation and the allure of having a “cool” job…

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